Our favourite 5 Valentine's PR Piggybacks

It’s no secret that PR professionals out there are quick to jump on a seasonal event to try to piggyback or hi-jack the news of the week. With that in mind, here are the Eye’s top 5 Valentine’s Day news pitches. No massacre angles included, bizarrely.

“iloveyou” is the fifth most common password. This one is on behalf of security firm Imperva, which reckons hackers are preparing for the lovelorn cyber-folk to slip up on their e-protection this Valentine’s. The release says that this year, hackers will “likely concot a special Valentine potion that uses the promise of being secretly admired combined with our prevailing addiction to sharing personal information on social networks.” The basic point behind the release is don’t click on or accept dodgy app requests on Facebook

Skype and Speeddater.co.uk hold the first ever cross country speed dating event. 35 plonkers from both London and Birmingham tried to find romance online using Skype’s face-to-face free webconferencing software. The Eye does not recommend speed dating to find true love (disagree? Comments, please) let alone combining IMing software. Speeddater.co.uk suggests when trying to woo someone over Skype, you’ll need to prepare: “Eye contact: Stage a ‘dress rehearsal’ in the mirror. As silly as it sounds, the mirror will capture exactly what the video will film.” And your “date” will hopefully capture that too, and swiftly upload to YouTube.

The Eye Care Trust – while having a worthwhile cause – goes double-whammy with its release, suggesting that partners should keep love in the air this Valentine’s day, not “flying champagne corks.” Flying champagne corks can blind you, you see. And people drink champagne on Valentine’s day. Geddit!?!?!

The nation is bracing itself for the “annual onslaught” from retailers this Valentines, each competing for our attention with collections of chocolates, flowers, champagn and other perhaps sometimes unimaginetively packaged symbols of modern love, says Flowers Direct. Oh.

Wake Forest University thinks that thanks to THE MEDIA (that’s us!) men no longer have any idea on how to treat a woman, will grow up confused and remain confused. Men should “take care of their dates” – but women are equal, so shouldn’t she pay too? The press release suggests that TV love and life guidelines such as “2 ½ Men” and “Everyone Loves Raymond” confuses men further, conveying the message that as soon as a man gets married, he is never going to have any fun ever again.

Honourable mention: “Love your man? Love the Real Beer Box!” Okay, we like this one.