Operation Payback DDoS attack moves Down Under

“Operation Payback”, an initiative that seeks to take down the sites of those chasing online piracy has moved Down Under.

The attacks, are usually coordinated DDoS’, have been going for a good few weeks now with the backlash against the MPAA and RIAA websites generating the most headlines.

And now the attacks have moved over to the land of Neighbours. Home and Away, Kylie Minogue and moral panic – hitting the Australian Federation Against Copyright Theft (AFACT ).

According to TorrentFreak, although it took a little while for the site to go down, the attack eventually got there. 

According to an announcement by AFACT’s host, Netregistry, “A DDoS attack began to take place at approximately 8:30AM AEST, with a group of hackers attacking the firewall by flooding it with connections attempting to take down all servers.”

Nearly 8,000 other websites were also taken down in the attack. These included small Australian businesses and Government websites.

It is thought the payback attacks are being generated by 4chan. It allegedly did some damage in the UK too. Last week ACS:Law, the notorious law firm that seeks to turn alleged infringements of copyright into a cash cow was attacked. ACS:Law then bungled an attempt to bring its site back online and published its own email database to the public.

According to Softpedia the anonymous DDoS Tool just got itself some Botnet capabilities.

A revamped version of the Low Orbit Ion Cannon (LOIC) tool used in mass Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks, will allows users to let it function as a botnet client.

LOIC is the primary weapon used by Anonymous in its ongoing “Operation Payback” DDoS campaign against film and recording industry associations, as well as other organisations involved in anti-piracy efforts.

The application was originally created by a user named Praetox and was used in several mass attacks over the years, including Anonymous’ campaigns against the Church of Scientology.