Opera releases 10.60 beta

Opera has released a beta version of Opera 10.60, which it claims is now more than 50 percent faster than its predecessor on selected JavaScript tests.

The company, which released its last beta in March, has also said that this new version also incorporates new web-standard features, such as Geolocation, which detects user’s locations and maps them in the middle of the action. The browser is also said to be optimised to deliver opening a new tab in a split-second, loading pages faster on congested networks with Opera Turbo, or navigating webpages with  features such as mouse gestures, Speed Dial and unsurpassed tab management.

The browser also has an open video format WebM, built in, which the company claims makes viewing videos online a piece of cake. HTML5 Appcache and Web Workers also let users use different applications, such as word processor, image editors and spreadsheets in the browser, while offline and web developers can now also use HTML5 Web Workers for doing heavy calculations without slowing down the browser.

And there are still the old Opera favourites including Opera Turbo, which is said to boost web browsing in congested areas such as the airport or in internet cafes provides about 65 percent faster browsing on Edge and around 50 percent faster browsing speed on 3G networks.

Opera Unite lets users share content immediately, without having to upload files.

Opera’s always lagged behind the main contenders in market share. We’ll have to see if this beta picks up on users. According to statistics from W3 the browser only had a 2 percent market share in May this year making it bottom compared to IE (45.7 percent), Firefox (32.2 percent), Chrome (8.4 percent) and Safari (5.3 percent).