Opera halves browsing times by cutting adverts

opera460Opera has become the first desktop Web browser with built-in ad blocking and is advising users to turn it on to improve their browsing experiences.

Opera’s 37.0.2162.0 developer build for Mac OS and Windows, can cut page load times by a whopping 90 percent. It will show you how many ads it found on the page.

Senior vice president in charge of engineering for Opera Krystian Kolondra said that the current approach to advertising is damaging users’ online experience.  Browsers are spending far too much time handling ads and trackers than thought.

When you install a new version of Opera, a popup appears, asking whether you “would like to block ads and surf the Web faster.” If you agree to Opera’s invitation, ads are blocked right away.

Opera added an incredibly slick benchmark tool to show you how many ads it’s blocked on a given page. The browser will also perform a speed test, timing how fast a page loads with or without ads.

The browser will block tracking pixels and third-party scripts if they’re used for advertising purposes.

You can insert your own whitelist of sites that you allow Opera to insert ads.