Online crooks switch to Perfect Money

The dark markets on the world wide wibble seem unharmed by the US government’s shut down of the digital currency Liberty Reserve.

According to TechWeek , the crooks and other shady characters have just taken their money to be laundered and pressed elsewhere.

Perfect Money appears to be the best alternative at least for now.

Perfect Money is based out of Panama, the home of the controversial president General Manuel Antonio Noriega.

Taking out Perfect Money might be a little harder for the US short of another invasion of Panama. Several automated credit card stores, where credit card data is exchanged, have already adopted the e-currency service. Many other vendors have also started accepting it.

In any event, Perfect Money appears to have distanced itself from the Land of the Free. According to a post on the company’s website on 25 May revealed it would no longer accept new registrations from individuals or organisations based in the US.

This leaves American crooks looking for another home and might have found it with the currency known as WMZ.

Bitcoin is apparently not an option because the US government has shown an interest in regulating Bitcoin and the exchanges that help it operate.

It also does not offer the full anonymity dark web dealers are looking for. The system makes it possible for police to trace users.

Still, it does not look like the illegal transfer of internet cash is going away any time soon.