Ofcom report says rural Britain screwed by broadband speeds

Ofcom will tomorrow confirm that ISPs are lying to the public about the speeds they advertise and the speeds consumers actually get.

Additionally, there is an enormous disparity in Britain between speeds for rural areas and urban areas.

The report shows that rural areas, in general, manage just 3.3 Mbps compared to urban speeds of 8.8 Mbps.

Ofcom will reveal that while download speeds are not in line with advertised packages, upload speeds are closer to the mark. This is because, for the consumer in general, download traffic is the priority and a significantly smaller amount of people are falling over themselves to upload gigabytes of data.

The report will be an embarrassment for the Advertising Standards Authority, which serves as a battleground between companies complaining about each other’s misleading advertising.

It will also be a kick up the rear of the Coalition government, which has promised that the UK will be a world leader in broadband. Right now, it’s looking more like ISPs have free reign in fleecing the consumer.