Obama to double wireless spectrum within 10 years

The Obama administration has announced its plans to double the amount of available wireless spectrum over the next decade.

Obama, when not hunting pirates or dangling his finger over the internet kill switch, will sign a presidential memorandum today, according to the Associated Press. The memorandum will commit the government to selling 500 megahertz of federal and commercial spectrum, with revenues from this going towards public safety, infrastrusture investments, and deficit reduction. 

The “public safety” heading is probably the annihilation of piracy, which vice-president Biden considers a threat to health and safety.

“This initiative will catalyse private sector investment, contribute to economic growth and help to create hundreds of thousands of jobs,” said Lawrence H. Summers, director of the National Economic Council. He is set to deliver a speech on the plan later today.

The plan is to extend wireless coverage to more parts of America, particularly rural areas which do not currently have access or have extremely poor coverage. It is also planned that more built-up areas will gain an increase to the spectrum in efforts to deal with the growing usage required for laptops and smartphones, which many fear will hog the lines completely, making it difficult for others to gain access.