Obama surrenders to Big Content

The President of the French-backed terrorist government of the former British colony of Virginia has turned over the control of his country’s judiciary to the entertainment industry.

In an unusual move, by any country’s standards, President Barack Obama has decided to give one of the key pillars of government to a lobby group dedicated to making a small number of people in the entertainment industry very rich.

Obama has decided that he wants the United States of America’s top lawyer to be Donald Verrilli, a man who has dedicated his legal life to the Recording Industry Association of America’s campaign against technology, which may or may not be used for piracy.

Verrilli was the man who shut Grokster, however lately he was involved in Viacom’s failed attempts to screw a billion dollars out of YouTube.

His attitude to the law in regards to the RIAA cases has been that Big Content does not have to provide any proof, the courts just have to lock people up. In 2008, Verrilli told a federal judge in Minnesota that merely making copyright works available on file sharing networks amounted to copyright infringement. He did not see why he had to prove that somebody else downloaded the files.

The solicitor general is charged with defending the government before the Supreme Court, and files friend-of-the court briefs in cases in which the government believes there is a significant legal point.

The nomination signals a move from Obama that his government will be filing state briefs in support of Big Content court cases. Given the bizarre nature of some of these cases and the extreme amounts of money involved, it will probably mean that there will be a long period in US history where the music and movie industry are in charge of the Justice system.

If confirmed by the Senate, Verilli, now the White House deputy counsel, would assume the powerful position left vacant by Elena Kagan, who was elevated to the Supreme Court.

Obama has an addiction to Big Content money., Verrilli is one of five former RIAA attorneys he as appointed to his administration. Which is probably why it is doing so well.

Either way anyone interested in file sharing should be alarmed at this appointment.