Obama re-election Facebook page tells you which friends are Republican

Obama’s poking the good people of America. Not only does Facebook rule our lives with frenzied de-tagging and micro-managing fake farms, it is an important sphere of influence for marketing and campaigning in the political space too.

In the wake of the American election, President Obama has decided to kick start his re-election campaign, which this year comes with its own Facebook page.

For some reason the page features personalised bits and pieces the Democrats hope will garner positive reactions. Basically that’s family photos and the President’s favourite TV show, Sportscenter.

Anyone logging onto the official presidential website, BarackObama.com, will be encouraged to click straight through to the Facebook page. Once there it’ll happily flag apathetics and republicans by highlighting Facebook friends who haven’t yet joined the 2012 Obama campaign.

It’s kind of like a forced viral. Once a user has seen which friends are Palinites or unexcited by the whole affair, the idea is they’ll badger them into joining.

Obama’s personal page currently has 19 million likes and the re-election page has 25,000 members so far. By contrast, shotgun-mum Sarah Palin has just under three million, though what they lack in numbers they make up for in caps lock and hijacked bible verse. Palin’s Facebook page is here.

Those in the White House are of course no strangers to Facebook. Last week there were reports of Mark Zuckerburg talking to ex White House spin doctor Robert Gibbs about a senior role to help manage communications ahead of a planned flotation in 2012.