O2 limits downloads for "unlimited" customers

O2 has told customers on its “unlimited downloads” tariff that they should aim to use less than 10GB per month.

The company, which in the past has been praised for it’s excellent internet service (take note Virgin) has put these restrictions and traffic management policies on the service of customers using its Home Access package.

The move follows O2’s scheme back in March where it started out sending letter to people it deemed as among the “heaviest users” on its Home Broadband Access service. It said those going over a limit (although it hasn’t specified what that is) could face disconnection unless their usage is reduced. It is also thought an unknown number of people have already been cut-off.

O2 said the new limits were designed to improve service for the majority of its Home Access customers. Its traffic management systems for non-bundled packages now also restrict P2P and newsgroup traffic to just 50Kbit/s at peak times – “typically the afternoon and evening”.

“All we’re doing is encouraging people to use peer to peer programs and newsgroups when there’s less traffic, to help our broadband flow better,” it said.

It also states in its traffic management page than users should stick to less than 10GB to avoid any issues. “Most O2 customers use less than 10GB a month. Aim for that and you’ll be okay,” the page says.