Nurse suspended for sharing patient's surgery pics on Facebook

A nurse uploading pictures of patients undergoing surgery to Facebook, has been suspended from Glasgow’s Southern General Hospital.

The photos, which were taken with a camera phone without the patient or the other doctors and hurses’ knowledge, were taken in the operating theatre. The room and hospital are identifiable from the NHS insignia on the wall.

The NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde has confirmed that a member of staff has been suspended from the hospital pending an internal investigation.

According to the Daily Record, a fellow nurse reported her colleague to management after spotting the offending images on Facebook.

The patients are said to be unrecognisable from the pictures. However they could sue the NHS as the picture constitute a breach of their patient confidentiality. Pictures are permitted during surgery but are only allowed to be sent via official NHS email and are used in order to get a second opinion.

A spokesman for nurses’ union Unison said: “Staff should be well aware they need to be careful about what they put on social networking sites.”

* EyeSee Facebook has been accused of causing further medical problems today as a paper published in the British Medical Journal has warned that spending hours indoors using a PC or games console means kids are not getting enough Vitamin D, which can cause rickets. Professor Simon Pearce cites the rise in social media sites, like Facebook,  and computer games as the cause of the surge in rickets cases.