Norton says two thirds of kids traumatised by internet

According to research by security bods at Norton, in its Norton Online Family Report, kids on the web end up angry, upset and afraid, much like everyone else. Two thirds of kids have had a negative experience, but under half of parents asked had a clue.

The survey reports that over half of the 2,800 kids felt personally responsible for any negative experiences that happen online, for example reading the comments beneath any given YouTube video. Seven in ten said they’d turn to their parents if something dodgy happened online, but almost half reckon they’re more careful online than their parents.

Twenty percent of the kids surveyed said their parents have “no idea” what they’re doing online. 
Of kids asked globally, Brazilian children spend the most time online at about 18 hours a week. The average, across the world, is 1.6 hours per day, or 11.4 hours per weak – which is a ten percent increase on Norton’s 2009 figures. The kids aren’t up to anything nefarious or dodgy, but then they would say that: apparently 83 percent of young’ns spend most of their time online playing games.

In line with Paedomania, of listed negative experiences the most common was a stranger trying to add them as a friend on a social networking site, in at 41 percent. While potentially harmless, the statistic is solid enough for the Daily Mail to run a front page splash tomorrow. Next in, and remember the figures are from anti-virus company Norton, is that the kids accidentally downloaded a virus at 33 percent. Then it’s seeing violent or nude images at 25 percent, and lastly a stranger trying to meet up with a kid in real life, at 10 percent.

The full report is available here (PDF)