North Korea sets up Twitter page

The oppressive government of North Korea now has a Twitter page, shocking many as it continues its slow and subtle appearance online.

While some countries, such as Pakistan, are blocking Twitter, the Pyongyang government is embracing the microblogging service as part of a PR campaign designed to improve its woeful image.

The North Korean page is called uriminzok, which means “our people” and links to, North Korea’s official website. 

It only has nine updates so far, many of which link to the website, detailing topics ranging from military campaigns to reunification of the Fatherland, not to mention one which Google translated for us as “Shinsei poor whore”, which linked to a diatribe on sanctions against North Korea and collusion with foreign forces.

North Korea has not been very supportive of the Internet, failing to feature on the SpeedTest results of net speeds of 178 countries worldwide in May, with Zambia beating it for the final spot on the list. However, in June it registered 1,024 IP addresses which it had bought several years ago, giving a small elite among its 24 million people access to the online world.

And now we know what those people are doing online, setting up several websites to share anti-South Korean and anti-American propaganda. In fact, this Twitter page is only one of several attempts by Pyongyang to utilise social media to attract people to its website. In July it set up a Youtube page, which currently has 78 videos posted, many of which honour Dear Leader or insult Seoul.

The Twitter page currently has over 1,800 followers. Unsurprisingly, it is not following anyone else.