Nominet nods at .UK domain

Top level domain vanguard, Nominet, is recommending the new .UK domain be made available for businesses in a consultation which started today.

As TechWeekEurope reports, the not-for-profit organisation believes .UK would be good for business and better for security.

Until, of course, Nominet commissions a third party auditor to clean the books, suspend domains without warning, threatening your business as a result.

This bit of news will no doubt offer Nominet some good, safe, boring, press. However, the reality is Nominet runs a monopoly on UK TLDs and gets paid for doing so. It is a not for profit organisation which pays its top brass six figure salaries and the rest of what it earns goes into vanity charity projects and award ceremonies.

So, yes, let’s have the .UK domain, but let’s think twice about giving more money to Nominet.

PS US based Consumer Watchdog is warning that ICANN’s considered carving up of the web – where enormous corporations can bid big for generic top level domains such as .monopoly or .anticompetition, is effectively the path towards privatising the web.