Nominet makes a statement – of sorts

TECHEYE has been phoning Nominet since the beginning of the week and talking to its PR UK spinners – Brands to Life.

Nominet has been oddly reluctantly to talk to TechEye – it’s almost as if it had something it didn’t want to admit, when exposed to reporters who would like some answers to some very simple questions.

After one of our reporters insisted, Nominet has put something on its bog about the state of affairs in the UK today at 5PM where obviously nobody will see it because everyone is (a) watching the Limpix or (b) off to get trashed on a Friday night.  It has been “conducting an audit” and we don’t quite know what’s going on because nobody has actually managed to pick up the phone yet because “of the holidays” – but something is going on.

So construe this bog entry as you will… its audit is news to some of its customers, who have been complaining about the NGO’s behaviour and receiving, as we have, no reply at all.

Nominet – there will be more to come. As we are based in Oxford and its HQ is in the Oxford Science Park, we believe it’s advisable that you talk to TechEye reporters rather than fob us off with spins, or hide behind the egregious “Brands to Life”.