Ninth Silver Surfers Day kicks off tomorrow

Tomorrow sees the ninth annual Silver Surfers Day, which aims to offer older people an  introduction to computers and the Internet.

On the day there will be various events to be held in public places such as libraries. It is supported through different companies such as, an independent broadband news and information site, which is keen on getting everyone online and helping them to realise the benefits that the Internet can bring. believes that older people could be missing out on services that are designed to make everyday tasks much easier, and they could also be using it to maintain vital relationships. It’s given  some reasons why getting over the initial fear could benefit millions of older people not currently using the internet.

This includes making bills cheaper: a lot of utility, travel, insurance companies and even supermarkets offering discounts if buying online, using comparison sites to quickly and easily find the best deal on consumer goods and saving money on postage, after all why send a letter when the email is free?

The internet can also help maintain vital relationships: if your family are online – why shouldn’t you be too? As well as reconnecting with long lost friends through social networking sites like and, however we advise against poking your grandkid’s friends here.

We spoke to TechEye’s resident silver surfer, Mike Magee, to see what he had to say about the day, but he was none too happy. He told us: “I can’t be doing with all this new fangled stuff.

“When I was a lad we were real miners, not data miners. I wouldn’t know how to smurf the net if I was a Belgian fisherman.”

Sebastien Lahtinen, co-founder of comments, “I understand that there is a lot of hesitation amongst the older generation about getting online, especially as they perhaps haven’t felt the need for it in the past, but the Internet truly is for everyone and it is more accessible than ever before.”

Sorry Sebastien, that’s not what our golden oldies say.