News International paywall breacher shut down

Wapping rag The Times has ordered its lawyers to fall upon a blog which offered to liberate columnist Caitlin Moran’s writings free from the paywall with a historic thump.

Not since the days of Erich Honecker have people wanted to vault over a wall so badly.

We are told that Moran’s prose, about subjects like going to a Berlin sex club with popular beat combo artist Lady Gaga, is jolly popular. Either that or the person who set up “F*** Yeah Caitlin Moran” (asterisks added) was partly trying to make a point about the banality of existence, the decline of philosophy in post-modern Western civilisation, but mostly the Times’ paywall model.

Whatever the motivation, someone set up a site where all Moran’s articles were published exactly as they appear behind the paywall of broken dreams. Which kind of negates the paywall.

So it seems that the Times has released the hounds on the blog and the “F*** Yeah Caitlin Moran” is now f***ed.

All you can see is the “404 not found” and the Twitter feed @f***yeahmoran has gone to a Siberian Gulag, never to be seen or twittered upon again.

Game set and match to the Wapping Stasi, with a round of applause from the Big Content autocrats.

We expect that someone might have another go at some point. Perhaps if “F*** Yeah Caitlin Moran” ran off a server in Russia it might last longer, unless the scribe decided to take the Mikhail out of Tsar Putin, it should be safe.