News Corp buries damaging emails

Thousands of emails which allege that News Corp promoted pay TV piracy have been taken down from a document hosting site in the US.

It appears that the not-for-profit organisation DocumentCloud removed the emails after News Corp and its subsidiary NDS had a word.

According to the Australian Fiinancial Review, the emails contained “confidential and trade secret information” althugh the fact that they fly in the face of denials from NDS chief Abe Peled and News Corp chief operating officer Chase Carey that News Corp tried to use pay TV piracy to kill off competition.

You can still see many of the emails are still available on the website.

NDS asked that they be removed, although it admitted that they were authentic. Part of the reason DocumentCloud asked Fairfax Media, which publishes the Financial Review, which used the emails to stand up a story to indemnify it against any future legal action. Fairfax Media said no.

DocumentCloud is a free service operated by journalism organisation Investigative Reporters and Editors at the University of Missouri.

Ironically the service is used by The Times, as well as The Guardian, The New York Times, The Financial Times, The Sydney ­Morning Herald and the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

The Financial Review used DocumentCloud to uncover details in NDS emails of a £2,000 payment the company made to Surrey Police in the UK in September 2000 “for assistance given to us”.

It raised further questions about News Corp’s relationship with the UK police.

NDS claimed that it was a “one-off charitable donation”.