New York Post snubs Apple faithful

While most of the US press is bending over backwards to surrender their publications to Apple’s iPad users, the New York Post has told the cargo-cult to go forth and multiply.

The Post has set up a paywall which is designed to keep mobile Safari users from reading the news on their iPads. They are still allowed in, but will have to download the publication’s app through the Apple App Store, in other words, pay money.

Apparently the New York Post is no longer available to iPad users outside of the publication’s official App Store app.

If you try to use Safari on your iPad you get a note sending you to the App Store.

But the website appears to still be enabled for users of other iPad browsers, such as Skyfire or Opera Mini.

Subscriptions through the app run at $6.99 per month, $39.99 for six months or $79.99 for the year, with no option for single-issue digital purchases.

While the New York Post is not the first major outlet to try to bleed cash for its content, it is the first that has tried to block one subset of its users.  

Blogger Dave Winer, who usually comes up with sensible quotes, over reacted and moaned that the action was “breaking the internet”. After all, the numbers of Apple fanboys who have to use Safari is so great, and the New York Post’s readership is so huge, that the internet will shut down immediately.