New survey reveals women can be pretty shocka

In any rubbish bar in a multicultural city in Europe you’re bound to hear a group of sleazebags drunkenly debating over which country has the most beautiful women in the world. According to a new survey from – the up-its-own-bottom social network that kicks out the uglies – some of the most beautiful women in the world are Russian.

The site, which is known in the press and public eye for taking an arrogant approach towards vanity and its members, works by having users rate applicants. If they’re not judged pretty enough for the site they get the boot. According to the site, Russian women have a total acceptance rate of 48 percent which rates them as the 3rd most beautiful women in the world. Sweden and Iceland take the top spots.

The survey reckons while Russian women are beauts, Russian men are uggers with only a nine percent acceptance rate.

And where, pray tell, has the site launched a fully translated new edition? It wouldn’t be Russia, would it?