Net connected devices to hit 15 billion by 2015

The number of net connected devices will hit more than 15 billion by 2015 and internet traffic set to quadruple according to the wire king Cisco.

Cisco’s Visual Networking Index has predicted the massive rise in the net connectivity that is expected over the coming years.

According to the predictions the boom in use of smartphones and tablets means that there will be 15 billion network connections via devices, including machine to machine, meaning that there will be more than two connections per human being on the planet.

This means that the next milestone of data floating around in the ether will hit close to one zettabyte, equivalent to a trillion gigabytes.

The total increase between 2014 and 2015 is in itself thought be 200 exabytes, a greater amount than the total IP traffic in 2015.

It is thought that in terms of global IP traffic per month, there will be 80.5 exabytes pre month by 2015, up from 20.2 exabytes per month in 2010.

As well as an increase in devices there is expected to be an increase in the amount of people actually accessing the net, with nearly 3 billion users, or 40 percent of the world connected meaning that there is still massive room for growth.

The amount of video content is expected to hit one million video minutes travelling the internet every second, a lot of Lady Gaga videos then.

The Asia Pacific region will generate the most traffic, at 24.1 exabytes per month to jump past the current leader, North America.

The fastest growing IP trafiic regions meanwhile will be the Middle East and Africa, with 52 percent and 48 percent compound annual growth rates respectively.

Business to business traffic is expected to grow sixfold, while global advanced video traffic, such as 3D and HD TV are expected to increase 14 times.

Mobile broadband, will also grow massively, with an expectation to reach around 6.3 exabytes per month, or 75 annually, meaning a increase of 26 compared to the current rate.