NATO uses Twitter in war against Gaddafi

NATO has admitted that it is using Twitter to give it intelligence pictures and help choose missile strike and bombing targets in Libya.

Apparently, the social notworking site gives enough information to help analysts judge which sites could be targeted .

Twitter feeds from Tripoli are monitored and are fed into an intelligence pool, filtered for relevance and authenticity, and then corroborated.

According to the Guardian without “boots on the ground” Twitter is one of the best tools it has.

Part of the problems is that Gaddafi always changes his tactics and hides himself in schools and libraries. You do not want to blow one of them up unless you are really sure that it is a military target.

NAtO told the newspaper that Twitter helps draw its attention to certain areas of the country where it saw Gaddafi forces.

Libya is pretty big and it was hard to see what was happening across the country.

Corroboration includes the rebels and imagery and eavesdropping from Nimrod spy planes. Apparently Gaddafi is wise to the fact that NATO is using Twitter and has been feeding it false information.