Murderer caught through Facebook profile

A murderer has been caught after his Facebook account gave him away.

28-year-old Mark Dizon, a computer technician who probably should have known better, was wanted for the robbery and murder of nine people in the Philippines. Police had been hunting for him since July 12 when the first murder began, but were unsuccessful until his Facebook page became involved.

Dizon is accused of killing a Canadian and his Filipino girlfriend on July 12, and then a Briton and his girlfriend on July 16. It was the last set of murders that would lead to his arrest, however.

After killing American 70-year old Albert Mitchell, his 53-year old wife, Janet, and three Filipino staff working at their home last week, a friend of the family discovered that Dizon was friends with the Mitchells’ daughter on Facebook. 

He was then able to ask several eye-witnesses if they recognised the man. They did and it resulted in Dizon’s arrest today.

Dizon did not resist arrest and claims that he did not rob or murder anyone, but Filipino police obtained video footage of him pawning off the stolen goods in a pawnshop. They also said that he had a “fascination with guns” and all nine victims were shot with the same pistol, linking the murders together.

Ultimately, however, it was his Facebook profile that betrayed him. “He was fond of computers and this gave him away,” said Senior Superintendent Danilo Bautista.