MPAA admits it doesn't get the internet

Suits at the Motion Picture Association of America have had to admit that this internet thing is too fly for them and they have to negotiate with its owner Google or shut it down.

MPAA number two Michael O’Leary told the Hollywood Reporter that the internet’s owner Google has out-manned and out-gunned Hollywood.

He said that the MPAA has been undergoing a process of education about this new fangled internet so it can get a greater presence in the online environment.

O’Leary said that the current fights with everyone about putting content on the web were all about the insecurity that Hollywood has about the internet.

He said it was a fight on a platform it was not comfortable with, and he and his colleagues were going up against an “opponent that controls that platform”.

So, in other words, rather than trying to understand this new platform, and learn from the many entertainers who do get the internet, it pushed to regulate that which they fear.

O’Leary thinks that “the opponent” who controls the platform is apparently Google, which means, according to him, that the search engine not only controls the internet, but leads the defence of its product. It also explains why the MPAA is putting so much effort into shutting down the search engine.

This indicates that despite having read “Internet for Dummies”, O’Leary still has not worked out that no one controls the internet. He also failed to notice that Google came in late to the recent SOPA and PIPA protests.

It also explains why the MPAA wants to “negotiate” with Google because it thinks that it is talking to the internet’s doorkeeper.

However, even if it managed to make an arrangement with the search engine, there is no indication that the rest of the internet will follow, or will not adapt.