MP demands law changes following Puddick Twitter case

An MP has called for systemic changes to UK law enforcement following the treatment of his constituent Ian Puddick.

Tory MP David Burrowes highlighted the appalling way in which plumber Puddick had been treated over his internet-based campaign to highlight the behaviour of a man with whom his wife had been having an affair.

The high-profile case centred around Puddick finding out about his wife’s affair with her employer, which was largely funded by his company’s expense account.

Following various attempts by Ruddick to highlight the misdemeanours, the UK police employed some rather heavy handed tactics to stop Ruddick in his tracks.

Such tactics included sending counter terrorist police around to nab his computers, before City of London murder cops came a-callin’ on the jilted plumber’s door.

According to Burrowes, none of this would have been happening if the roles were reversed, and that the reason why Puddick was subject to such an ordeal was because of the money and power of his wife’s lover.

“The principle that money and wealth should not be used to warp the course of natural justice and that equality should not be eroded in the age of the internet and super-injunctions,” said Burrowes in a Commons debate yesterday.

And we tend to agree with Burrowes.

Unless we are continuing to live in a feudal system where the evil lords can send round goons to frighten serfs after stealing their wives, then this is an extraordinary way to treat plumber Puddick.

“It seems clear that had it not been for the well-connected private security company and the high profile of the business involved, my constituent would not have experienced such a disproportionate use of force and response,” said Burrowes.

Burrowes went on to question whether current government policy is “fit for purpose” and “whether it is appropriate, particularly given how it seems to have been wholly misapplied in the case of Ian Puddick”.

“I hope that my constituent’s case will set a precedent or at least be a marker to suggest that such websites and blogs should be properly considered in the context of an appropriate and proportionate application of guidance in both criminal and civil law,” Burrowes continued.

The Conservative MP for Enfield called for the cost of the operations against Puddick to the tax-payer, questioning whether the estimated £1 million fell short of the mark.