Mozilla says Microsoft's IE9 hardware claims hyped

Microsoft’s claims that it is the first to use full hardware-acceleration on its new Internet Exploder 9 have been dismissed by a developer working for Mozilla.

Microsoft has been telling the world and its dog that IE 9 is the only one to use hardware to accelerate all browser operations and this makes it much faster.

Writing from his bog, Mozilla’s Robert O’Callahan said that he is upset about this aspect of Microsoft’s IE9 marketing.

“Microsoft’s claim to hardware-accelerate “the entire Web platform” was always ridiculous because “the entire Web platform” contains features like HTML parsing, JavaScript execution, and DOM manipulation which are simply not suitable to run on today’s GPUs, and IE9 does not do so.”

He said that Redmond’s disdainful statement that other browsers are choosing to accelerate only pieces of the web is completely hypocritical, because that’s exactly what it is doing.

O’Callahan points out that few applications on the internet take advantage of hardware acceleration anyway.

He also said that IE9 lacks key features, which would especially apply to HTML5 support, which is still trailing both Firefox and Chrome.

While he admitted that there are speed differences in the various benchmarks between Firefox and IE9 most of them were caused by “relatively small bugs in Firefox, bugs in IE9, and bugs in the benchmarks” and are not due to any major architectural issues in Firefox.