Microsoft-Yahoo alliance ready by Christmas

Those expecting to see big things from Microsoft’s alliance with Yahoo might have a long wait ahead.

Redmond said that it is working to combine resources with Yahoo to have its technology powering Yahoo search results in time for the holiday season.

Having a product ready by Christmas is bad enough, but Microsoft said that a delay is possible due to last-minute fine-tuning.

Microsoft general manager of investor relations Bill Koefoed cautioned that it’s possible that the last-minute adjustments might mean Microsoft would not be able to have its Bing  behind Yahoo sites in time to capture the seasonal surge for Christmas shopping.

Koefoed told the RBC Capital Markets’ Technology, Media and Communications Conference that Microsoft is going to make sure it optimises things for “customer experience”, and so there is a potential that it could “flip ’til after the holidays.” So, in other words, after there are customers to have any particular experiences.

Under the terms of the deal, Microsoft will power search and advertising results on Yahoo pages, and the companies will share the resulting revenue.