Microsoft wades into Google, the evil privacy breacher

Microsoft has been riding a high horse as it markets its Bing search engine on the basis that Google is doing evil to the privacy of its users.

It is not often that the Vole finds itself on the high ground in any moral debate, but it is clearly enjoying the experience.

According to the Next Web, Microsoft has been sending out warnings to those who use Safari urging them to use Bing because Google doesn’t take their privacy seriously.

Vole has created a webpage which is a Bing landing page for Safari users.

The reason it could do this is because the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) fined Google a record $22.5 million for a breach in the Safari browser. The search giant was found to have worked out a way to make sure that users were tracked even if they said that they did not want to be.

Microsoft’s page is going out of its way to make sure that no one forgets. The page summarises what happened with the evil Google swearing on the bones of dead monks that it would not track Safari users.

However, the moment it got home, Google twirled its moustache, donned its black coat, and laughed manically. It then went and tracked Safari users without their permission.

Then it used information to target ads for profit with cries of “behold tiny mortals you shall not foil my cunning plan, look with awe at my majesty”.

Vole said that the only way for Safari users to overcome the forces of darkness is to try Bing.

There are a few things that are wrong with Microsoft’s cunning plan. The first is that Safari users will never actually see Microsoft’s advert and the second is that they are part of Apple’s Walled Garden of Delights and they are used to being fooled by evil. Evil is an Apple user’s friend who tells them what to buy and when to queue. If evil tells them to buy a phone which has a broken mapping system that will drive them off a cliff, they will queue weeks for it.

However, the one thing Safari users are certain about about is that Microsoft is even more evil than anything else out there.