Microsoft to buy Second Life

UPDATE: Linden Lab refuses to confirm or deny such reportsAccording to hereOther sources tell TechEye Microsoft did make a bid.

Linden Lab, the creator of virtual playground for the single and lonely that isn’t WoW, Second Life, might have been bought up by Microsoft this week.

Linden Lab is today closing its UK office. The source of the rumour is a Tweet from the Second Life community – simply saying “A little birdie told me that Microsoft may have silently offered to buy Linden Lab this week.”  Tizzy apparently has a connection with, a college in LA, and they know a fair few movers and shakers in the biz and software game. Worth a punt.

Second Life is where you go if you want to have a wife made of pixels or fly around as a flatulent Sonic the Hedgehog upsetting fanboys.

It has been a massive cash cow for some years now, with performers such as Kanye West finding value in hosting virtual shows where a 3D version of themselves bop around to their music. People pay for this sort of thing.

Second Life is big business. It’s an unexpected move by Microsoft, if true, but perhaps not a bad idea. 

Update- “Just a little bit of detail on the tweet. According to a very reputable individual still employed by Linden Lab, they have been entertaining offers and Microsoft has stepped up with a bid. “