Microsoft takes down Cryptome

Convicted monopolist Microsoft has managed to get taken down by its provider, Network Solutions., a site which is entirely devoted to posting secret documents and dealings of secret institutions not meant to be seen by the general public, hosted a secret booklet Microsoft handed out to cops and secret agents.

Microsoft wasn’t happy had publicised the booklet and told the website to take down the “Global Criminal Compliance Handbook”. Corporate lawyers put pressure on and Network Solutions under the DMCA (Digital Millenium Copyright Act) and ordered the document be removed by February 24. John Young, the man behind didn’t budge an inch. Network Solutions however did, which is why has been taken down.

Microsoft’s move has already backfired and exploded right in its face. has already put the handbook up for all to see, and the general public can send an email to cryptome at if they wish to have an internal Microsoft document in their inbox.

A mirror of sans handbook can be found by clicking right here.

And click here for a direct link to the “Global Criminal Compliance Handbook”