Microsoft takes a kid's toys away

Microsoft’s X-Box division can’t seem to help but do evil to the clients who use its games console.

Not only has it been caught out charging users on out-of-date credit cards  lately, it called an autistic kid a cheat and wiped all his prizes off his account.

The 11 year old Julias Jackson is pretty isolated at the best of times, but playing on his X-Box at least gave him something to do which was not screaming. In fact, according to his mum, Jennifer Zdenek, he was so good at gaming that Redmond assumed he must be cheating. Apparently he can master games in three to four days.

Last week he logged on to discover he was labelled a cheater and had zero “achievements”.

Jennifer got on the blower to Microsoft.  It refused to say it did anything wrong. All it did was correct the player’s current Gamerscore, and to label the player as a “cheater.” no big deal. Julias could legitimately gain future achievements – unless Redmond decided to call him a cheater again.

In short we have decided: “your son a cheat, he will have to live with our decision, just be thankful we don’t do anything else.”  We guess it thinks it is safe as Jennifer is not likely to show up in court with an expensive defamation suit.

Jennifer said that the Xbox LIVE has served as some of her son’s only interaction outside of school and has devastated him.

She told Fox that it disgusts her what Redmond had done to her child.

Fox made efforts to reach Microsoft but received no response. We guess the Xbox division was out stealing sweets from kids, tying puppies to railway tracks, kicking away old people’s crutches and pulling the wings off badgers.

Zdenek says she may cancel her son’s subscription at the beginning of next month if Microsoft continues to ignore her requests to take “cheater” off of his account.