Microsoft plans short people Kinect ban

Software giant Microsoft has patented the use of its Kinect interface so that it can switch off any adult content if a child comes into the room.

Apparently it is a huge problem that children are accessing donkey porn by lying about their age and can sometimes see it if they come into a room where an Xbox is switched on.

Volish Patent 20110237324 turns the Kinect into a device that censors small people.

The patent says a 3D depth camera can be used to estimate the measurements of a user’s head, shoulders, torso and height in order to predict the person’s age.

Of course, in Microsoft’s world, short people are always children. If you’re an adult who’s small and short, you can easily be mistaken for a kid, and all your favorite M-rated games could be blocked every time you log into your Xbox 360.

Then there is the kid who is big who will be able to play adult games, or play porn related content to their heart’s content.

Still, the idea has legs.You could ban known criminals from your X-Box and call the coppers if they try to use it.