Microsoft planning cloud TV

Software giant Microsoft appears to be drawing up plans to have its own cloud-based television service.

Job listings spotted by Tech Radar  indicate that Microsoft wants a development lead, senior software engineer, and software development engineer to work on a “new Cloud-based TV platform”.

Vole wants applicants to be experienced in various web technologies including HTML5, Javascript, C# and frameworks like .NET framework and jQuery.

It is also clear that any cloud telly will be geared for mobile apps outside Windows 8 with listings wanting experience in mobile app development for iOS and Android in addition to development with Windows 8, Windows RT and Internet Explorer.

This is not the first time that Microsoft has talked about television. Previously its ambitions have been shelved with mutterings about things like “core competency”.   Now, with its “lets copy Apple” business model, a cloud television operation pushing content to PCs and mobile toys makes a lot more sense. It would provide much needed content from behind a walled garden which Microsoft would control.

It is also clear that the Xbox system is proving to be its test bed. For the last year it has been offering expanded on-demand content and entertainment apps and launched the Xbox Music streaming service.

So far there are no details about what the service will entail exactly.