Microsoft milks New York Fashion Week

What do you do if you’re Microsoft and want to rack up hits on your press page, justify a pay slip or two and show off your own kit under the guise of being very trendy stuff indeed? Well, you create your own virtual New York Fashion Week.

If you’re expecting to watch some prime IT rib strutting their stuff on the catwalk, think again. Microsoft has decided to latch on to the trendy New York Fashion Week to milk it for its visibility and name, while showcasing what’s nice and shiny in the world of mobile computing.

In fact, you’ll find it hard to figure out why Microsoft even put up such news on their website until you hit the last images of the gallery, where you’ll find a series of nice looking mice that almost do without introduction.

Under no circumstance should you expect to see under-dressed swizzle-stick-thin models carrying around the latest shiny gadgetry.

We’ve seen blatant attempts at crashing someone else’s party just to get some attention – AMD at IDF comes to mind – but Microsoft has enough dosh to throw around to start its own IT Fashion Week. Of course, leeching the existing one might be more cost-effective.

Microsoft says: “If you’re into technology and fashion, you’ll want to see what we’re talking about”. Indeed.