Microsoft leans on Xbox One domain squatter

Software giant Microsoft is coming out as a bad guy after its legal eagles swooped on a bloke who it claimed cyber squatted its Xbox One trademark.

While the world, plus dog, has no love for cyber squatters, it appears that Vole might have overstepped whatever it is that people over step in such cases.

In December of 2011, UK resident Krasimir Ivanov registered the name and long before Microsoft itself even likely had a definitive name for its upcoming console.

Microsoft has filed a complaint with the National Arbitration Forum (NAF) over the domain names and

The filing appeared online today, just days after the company announced its next-generation console the Xbox One.

It is not as if Microsoft can claim that the “cyber squatter” had nicked the name before it got its paws on it. If he had guessed what Vole was doing, it was a damn lucky guess.

Vole kept away from registering “Xbox One” domains that would have revealed what it was doing.

Microsoft has done well at getting domain names and normally the cyber squatter does not have a bat’s chance in hell. But in this case the guy has owned it for a jolly long time.

Had he been using it, it could have meant that his business could have been hijacked by a big multinational company who decides unilaterally that it wants something and it will get it.

Tragically, for the sake of a good story, Ivanov has parked both domain names and does not appear to be doing anything with them.