Microsoft jumps on Sports Relief bandwagon

Microsoft’s not-quite-Google-killer search page Bing has jumped on the UK Sports Relief bandwagon, promising to give 5 pence (about 27 Zimbabwein dollars) for every 10 qualifying searches, reports Girly Geekdom.

Unfortunately, Microsoft’s effort only works if you’re searching through Internet Explorer. Have a look through Firefox and you’ll be damned for your pinny penching, miserly, charity-hating lack of spirit: “This is only available for Internet Explorer 6, 7 and 8 running on Windows XP (Service Pack 2 and later), Vista, or Windows 7. Download the latest version of Internet Explorer.” Oh.

Sport’s Relief is a big deal here in the UK, a big, worthwhile, boring deal – not quite so dull as Children in Need, but a little more dull than Red Nose Day.

The idea is that celebrities do sport related things to raise money for some charities. Funnily enough you rarely see football folk donate a week or so’s wages.

It’s not limited to celebrities, plebs like you and I are also encouraged to get out of our chairs, off our arses and do some much needed exercise, sponsored, for charity. Unless of course you are a dedicated gym-phobe and may entertain the idea of switching over to Bing for a couple of weeks.