Microsoft Internet Explorer is back from the dead

Microsoft Internet browser, Internet Exploder has been suffering from a slow slide into obscurity lately.

Johnny-Come-Latelies Firefox and Google’s Chrome have been carving up a large chunk of Redmond’s market share.

New figures from Net Applications seem to indicate that IE’s fall from grace has stopped and the browser may even be set for a comeback.

According to Ars figures the February browser market share numbers show that Internet Explorer is up 0.77 percent to 56.77, Firefox is down 0.99 percent at 21.74.

Some of the gains were partly attributed to a change in the way that Net Applications’ calculates its figures.

The company uses demographic data from the Central Intelligence Agency to construct its estimates and countries are scaled to take into account population and levels of Internet penetration.

Western Europe, where Firefox is the most popular, has ended up with a smaller share of the global Internet audience which has given IE a boost.

Google’s Chrome gained 0.23 points, to 10.93, continuing that browser’s steady growth. Apple’s Safari has stayed more or less the same. Opera declined from 2.15 percent from 2.28.

To be fair to Opera, its global base is European so it might also have suffered from the change of European influence on global browser statistics.

Internet Explorer 8 has grown, from 34.17 to 34.95 percent, and usage of Internet Explorer 6 and 7 has declined. However it seems that Redmond still has its work cut out trying to get users to upgrade.