Microsoft bans gamer for living in West Virginia

Software giant, Microsoft banned a gamer from its online community for the heinous crime of living in Fort Gay in Virginia.

Microsoft and Xbox Live have ‘fessed up and said sorry to the entire West Virginia town and a 26-year-old gamer accused of violating the online gaming service’s code of conduct.

Redmond apparently thought that by declaring he’s from Fort Gay he was coming out online.

The town in western West Virginia is real. But Seattle-based Microsoft and the Xbox Live enforcement team wouldn’t take Josh Moore’s word for it. In fact they could not even be bothered to type the town’s name into Bing to find it.

They suspended his gaming privileges for a few days last week until he could convince them his Wayne County hometown is real.

In fact he had to get his local mayor David Thompson and stories in the media for the issue to be corrected.

Fort Gay appears in the records in 1789, when 11 people established a settlement near Louisa. In 1875, it was chartered as Cassville but changed its name to Fort Gay ironically to avoid confusion.

In those days saying you were gay meant you were happy and had nothing to do with having an interest in lamps.

Xbox Live chief enforcement officer Stephen Toulouse acknowledges the agent reviewing a fellow gamer’s complaint against Moore made a rare mistake.

Sheesh, let’s hope that no one from Beaver , Intercourse, which is just half an hour from Climax or Wan King  or Knob Lick ever  tries to join the Microsoft Xbox network.