Microsoft and Spotify team up to rip off a developer – marketing fail of the day

Microsoft knows a good idea when it sees one, and Spotibot – a free web app that will automatically generate a Spotify playlist for you  – is one of them.

Lo’ and behold Microsoft has teamed up with the ad and subscription supported streaming service, Spotify, to completely rip it off for a Windows 7 advertising campaign.

The two web apps have share remarkable similarities. Except the Windows 7 campaign version is stripped down and doesn’t do its job quite as well. The big difference is Spotibot’s developer, who we are told is called Andy, had his generator app up and running over a year ago now and is in regular contact with Spotify.

Here’s the Spotify ad page for Windows 7 and two screenshots below for comparison. 

Here’s the URL and tag so you know it’s legit, on Spotify’s servers.

We’re working on getting word from a Windows 7 spokesvole at time of publishing and will update with further details when we can. 

The trending tag to watch on Twitter is #spotigate.

Update The official line is: “Microsoft is aware of this issue and is looking into it.” 

Update two The new official line is: ““Having looked into the issue, Microsoft has taken steps to remove the Windows 7 playlist generator from the site.””


…Except, it’s still online.

Update three It has gone now. Yeesh!