Microsoft and Facebook team up to rival Google documents

Not to be outdone by Google, Facebook and Microsoft are now holding hands and teaming up to bring a new document sharing service into the fray.

The service allows for users to upload their Office docs straight from their computer or alternatively add their own through the website, It is currently in Beta stage, but a quick poke around on the website showcases three Office staples you can create online, a Word document, an Excel spreadsheet or even a PowerPoint presentation.

When it goes live to the public it seems a user will simply sign in through their Facebook account. Once in, you will be able to save the documents to your Facebook and share them with whoever you like. There is an example of what a Word doc will look like online here.

It’s not clear as to what sort of functionalities the site has or will have, but we imagine with Google’s stranglehold on document sharing it would need to really push the boat out to make a splash. Judging from the demo documents alone, it looks as if the interface is easier on the eyes than Google’s effort.

Microsoft plans to make a splash all by itself later in the year, says CNET, so this could prove useful testing ground before its very own applications enter the public domain.