Microsoft abandons support for Xbox v1 on Live

As of the 15th April this year, all support for Xbox Live on the original Xbox will be shut down for good.

Support for original Xbox games will also be removed, which means no going online with your old copy of Halo 1 from your 360 either. Marc Whitten, General Manager of Xbox Live, writes about the decision here.

Marc seems to reckon shutting down original support is what’s best for players, though it could be viewed that it is an effort to push current generation games. He writes that while it will be tough to see Halo 2’s dedicated and still active fanbase come to an end, the Halo  series will continue to “be a benchmark” for online gaming with Halo 3 and Halo: Reach.

In the meantime Whitten says he reckons gamers shouldn’t feel let down, as 2010 will be a big year for the Xbox Live community, and after all, Project Natal’s going to be around soon anyway.

While the majority of players on Live are for sure playing Xbox 360 titles, it’s sad that Xbox fanboys and girls won’t be able to get their fix online after April.