Merseyside cops in eBay scam

Three Merseyside coppers have been suspended after investigations that goods stolen in a police raid mysteriously appeared for sale on eBay.

The three, from the force’s Matrix unit, have been suspended from duty on suspicion of “misconduct in public office and theft”.

According to the Daily Telegraph the coppers were questioned earlier this month after a tip off last year that goods taken during police raids were being sold on the auction website.

It appears that “valuables” which vanished from houses after they were raided by police teams had a habit of showing up on eBay. The goods were mostly things like iPods, mobile phones and laptop computers.

Undercover coppers found a profile on eBay selling the stolen item that led to one of the officers.

The three have had their home computers seized and which are now being subjected to forensic examinations.

For some reason the Merseyside Police have declined to say which were the homes that had been raided and what rank the coppers were.

The “Matrix Disruption Team” is led by a Chief Inspector and “consists of syndicates made up of Inspectors, Sergeants and Constables”.

They are supposed to be dealing with gangs, guns and cash robberies.

David Icke has noted that Liverpool is the scene of many strange happenings centred on a pyramid shaped tomb in the City Graveyard. He has had little to do with Merseyside, but once stood for election in Humberside where he lost his deposit to the Lizards.  He says that it is no coincidence that the Merseyside cops belonged to a team called the Matrix.