Men love private browsing

Remember that Microsoft Windows ad campaign in the UK, the insincere balding bloke similar to the Wonga man who’s been private browsing all day but telling you he’s been “shopping for an anniversary present”?

In some circles he was known as Porn Man. According to a survey from, of 1,692 people, three quarters of men relate to his crafty, half-well hidden bouts of onanism.

Men welcome private browsing and would be sad to see it go, relegated, probably, to “listed” carparks, or watching the previews that sit somewhere in the numbers between the film and music channels.

Respondents lied, with 62 percent saying they liked private browsing because it made them safer about paying for items online. 36 percent said they didn’t like their other half or family knowing what they’ve bought.

But over half, probably not including Microsoft’s lying degenerate advert man, said they enabled private browsing “so that their partner couldn’t find out about their browsing history.”

Women on the other hand weren’t too fussed. Only 39 percent gave a hoot about private browsing.