Media company subpoenas a man and his unicorn

A Liberty Media subsidiary called Corbin Fisher started a file sharing amnesty initiative earlier this year – where piracy culprits turn themselves in and offer to cough up $1,000.

One TorrentFreak reader decided to absolve himself of that Original Sin, cheesing off the movie industry with piracy. He’s a self confessed filesharer known only as Ryan – and he told the Liberty Media amnesty he’d be all too willing to hand over dosh.

In the letter, he opens by saying he’s shared a ton of files on the usual suspects like PureTna, Empornium and Kickasstorrents. 

Ryan says in his email, that he was lucky enough to be handed a pot of gold from a leprechaun he found at the end of a rainbow. Using his recently acquired riches he’s happy to chuck $1000 for amnesty, although his “unicorn tells me to tell you to go f*** yourself… his words not mine. I try scolding him but he just does not listen.”

After explaining that he is in Europe and not the United States, his unicorn interrupts him again: “My unicorn is again shouting something about how you can shove it up your backdoor… I really don’t know what to do with that unicorn.”

Despite the fairytale nods, Corbin Fisher issued a subpoena  to Google. The agency took it as a confession and is looking for Ryan’s personal details. 

Surprised, Ryan called up Corbin Fisher who told him they took the confession very seriously and will be happy to chase him to his home country of Sweden, where he tells TorrentFreak he hasn’t actually pirated any of the agency’s material. 

“I figured I would get a few laughs from it and sent them the email – I clearly mentioned I was in Europe to make them feel more frustrated,” he told the website. “I have never downloaded their ‘product’ but had I known what scum they are I would have just to seed it [sic].”