McDonalds to penetrate China, untramelled by Google Search

Two separate stories. Two separate corporations. United by one thing, and it’s Communist China.

The Wall Street Journal Asian edition reported today that Google searches from Hong Kong ran into a big problem yesterday with pages not apparently loading as they should.

Hong Kong is a freer part of China than Beijing and Shanghai but not as free as Singapore and Taiwan – both territories fall under the cognomen of “Greater China”.

But while Google appeared to founder, McDonalds said it was going to open its first university of burgers in the Peoples’ Republic.

The burgers will be uncensored, presumably.

Burgers are not knowledge nor are they necessarily information. The PRC appears to fear information like there’s no tomorrow.

But, as the sun rises in the East every morning – or at least appears to – it will be harder to suppress knowledge and information because the interwibble fears no-one.

So that will be a McNugget of McInformation, then!