Mayer speaks of her cunning Yahoo plan

New Yahoo CEO and thinking man’s wagon wheel, Marissa Mayer, has been revealing her cunning plan to save the company from “death by mediocrity”.

According to Reuters, Mayer mainly sketched broad visions rather than  say much that was specific and those present noticed that the meeting with staff was “tightly controlled”.

Lately though she has been doing the right sorts of things to boost morale. Giving her staff smartphones, free food, bread and the odd circus has had a dramatic and positive impact on the “vibe” at the company.

Mayer wants to improve Yahoo’s web services and adapt the company’s products to mobile devices.

Mayer’s delivery apparently won spontaneous applause from the workforce. Did we mention that the meeting was tightly controlled?

Apparently the sorts of things she said were the lines “that had been said before, but people believe it now,” one member of staff said.

Yahoo has clamped down firmly on leaks to the press. Attendees at Tuesday’s assembly were instructed to shut their laptops and their traps.

Mayer is outlining plans to bring back advertisers and expand the company’s user base.

She also announced that it appointed as its new chief financial officer Ken Goldman, formerly CFO at cybersecurity software firm Fortinet. Goldman replaces Tim Morse, who was an interim Yahoo CEO for a year.

Mayer has seen her main job as boosting morale at the nearly two-decade-old internet company. She has also eliminated corporate bureaucracy and is introducing perks such as free cafeteria food and smartphones for employees.

Many analysts and investors believe Mayer will renew Yahoo’s focus on web technology and products rather than beefing up online content.