Max Mosley sues Google over Nazi searches

Max Mosley is suing Google for linking him to news stories which claimed he held a Nazi-themed sex party.

Mosley won more than £60,000 in a British court from the News of the World in 2008 for publishing the story on a Nazi-themed ”orgy”, along with a video, without contacting him.

The wigged one ruled there was not a Nazi theme to the party and the story was not in the public interest.

However Mosley is still miffed that you can find references to the story online and has sued Google for making links to them,

Mosley told a British inquiry into the phone hacking scandal at News Corp that he filed suits against Google in Germany and France.

According to Associated Press, the Hamburg tribunal’s spokesman, Conrad-Friedrich Mueller-Horn, confirmed on Friday that the complaint had been filed.

Mosley, has taken legal action in 21 countries, told the committee he wanted false and libellous references to the ”Nazi-themed orgy” and the video deleted from the internet.

Google has said that it can’t control what others post online, but when it was told that a specific page is illegal under a court order, it  moved fast to remove it from its search results.