screens members against the sex offenders register

One of the bigger online dating sites, is to begin screening in an effort to weed out sexual offenders – after a woman using the service claimed to have been raped.

The woman sued the outfit saying that if screening had been in place, the alleged rape would not have happened.

The outfit’s president, Mandy Ginsberg, said she had been looking at screening for years but ruled it out as unreliable.

However she told Associated Press the company will begin screening both existing and future members against the national sex offender registry.

Apparently the technology has gotten better and there is an improved database, so it is a bit more reliable, she said.

She warned that the screening process was still not that accurate and while these checks may help in certain instances, they remain highly flawed. Screening should be in place in two to three months, she told AP.

The woman who launched the legal case claims she met a man through who had six convictions for sexual battery. The first date went well but she claims that on the second he followed her back to her home and raped her.

However the accused man claims it was all consensual and is defending the case.

The woman asked for a temporary injunction to stop the company signing up new members until it agreed to begin screening. After the man left, the woman went online and learned about his past offences.