Mark Zuckerberg talks Baidu partnership in China

It seems Mark Zuckerberg’s wining and dining with Baidu’s head honchos may pay off.

Inside sources have told Chinese news outlet Sohu that the Facebook founder has signed on the dotted line with Baidu to set up a new social networking site.

Although Zuckerberg has managed to get his foot in the door of a country famed for tough internet protocol, there are reports suggesting that the Chinese website won’t be integrated with Facebook’s international service.

Instead the pair will work together to build a new service – presumably with the tight internet controls China requires.

Chinese citizens are banned from viewing content in relation to pornography, gambling and dissent. Facebook is one of the websites, along with the likes of Twitter and YouTube, which has been banned for not adhering to censorship regulations.

In December we reported Zuckerberg had been getting up close and personal with Baidu chief executive Robin Li, while on a holiday to the country to meet with his girlfriend’s family.

Last week those in China also told Bloomberg that he had been holding meetings with potential partners on how to enter the tough market.