Mark Zuckerberg banned from Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg is mightily miffed after he was banned from Facebook after he was mistakenly identified with a pimply wiz-kid who made a rather large sum of money from a social notworking outfit.

Unfortunately Mark S Zuckerberg is a lawyer from Indianapolis and very few of them don’t think of sueing when it comes to matters like this.

The attorney told local telly people in Indianapolis that Facebook removed his personal page because there could be only one Mark Zuckerberg in the world, and he was not it.

Two years ago he was denied an account with Facebook because of his name, and he had to send them copies of his driver’s licence, birth certificate and Indianapolis Bar Association licence just to get them to believe that he existed and to allow him to set up his page.

However the problems did not stop there. Even if he owns a site called, which explains that while he has the same name, he was not the same annoying git who set up Facebook.

In 2004, if you had Googled Mark Zuckerberg you would have found him and no one else, Zuckerberg said.

Two years later you would not have found him at all.

He said that his name is not his any more. The website claims that only one  Mark Zuckerberg exists in the entire United States and it probably does not count him at all.